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The most beautifull forests and woods above Cimburk - 12 km.

Using the touristic walking trail signs you can start from the main square in Korycany and follow the green and blue indication signs along the main road.

At the crossroad continue to follow the blue indication signs along the local road and after a few yards turn to the right, where you then continue by a abbandoned housing structure until you come to the crossroad Pod Chlumem - 3 km.

Then take the path up the field but dont take the path into the woods but go upwards gradually and you reach the forest at the crossroads U Zeleneho obrazku - 5,5 km.

From this crossroad follow the green indication signs untill you reach the Nad Prehradou crossroads - 9km.

Here turn right and after the bridge turn left onto the wide road where after a few yards you will find yourself standing on a T crossroads and turn right. Here one wants to watch out for the signing posts. At the next crossroads across the U Misy well - 11 km. turn right following the green signs and continue right up to the Cimburk castle ruin 12km.


To the water station Brezina - 7 km.
Begin from the orientation Pod Korycanskou Kapli (Under the Korycany Chappel )
Follow the blue signs along the sandy road to the borders on the forest, where you will arrive to the next orientation point Kobyli Doly.
Continue along the outskitrs of a chata colony ( Chata = summer home or bungalow made of wood) until you reach the water station Brezina.

Korycany - Buchloc 17 km.
The signs to be followed here are the green, yellow and green ones and this is an all-day outing trip.
Start at the Korycany bus stop and follow the green signs up the hill Vrsava (500 mt. above sea level)

From here continue along the green signed trail untill the next crossroads where yellow signs start. ( Here its optional to turn off towards the Cimburk castle ruin which is about 1 km distant.)
From the above mentioned crossroad follow the yellow signs until you arrive at the Kazatelne, where you change over to following the red signs and walk under the sumit of Ocasek ( 553 mt. above sea level) and you will find yourself walking through the outskirts and parts of the Buchlov forest and woods.

Cross the main road and you are at the Buchlov castle where you can visit both the Castle and the Chappel of St. Barbara (the nearest bust stop here is right under Buchlov on the main road or in Buchlovice).

The Buchlovice castle komplex is made up of two structures.
The lower courtyard pointing eastwards to the main castle building called the lower castle. On the opposite side is the workers tract called the upper castle or also known as the Flora

TheBuchlovice castle itself - the upper castle - is made up of three wings in a U shaped form if looked at from above. The main wing is a semi circle form to which the other two sidewings are attached