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The Buchlovice castle complex is made up of two structures.
The lower courtyard pointing eastwards to the main castle building called the lower castle. On the opposite side is the workers tract called the upper castle or also known as the Flora.

The Buchlovice castle itself - the upper castle - is made up of three wings in a U shaped form if looked at from above. The main wing is a semi circle form to which the other two side wings are attached.

The present day aspect of the Buchlovice Castle was attained in the 1920s and structured by the architect Dominik Feye ( 1863 - 1950 )

The Buchlovice Castle gardens and park:
The Buchlovice Castle gardens and park are one of the most interesting Czech national monuments of the so called historical green, and demonstrate the complimentary part of architecture for the royalty.

The garden was partially built along with the building of the Buchlovice Castle at the beginning of 1800.
The terrain slopes down from the east to west and hence the creation of various terraces to level out parts of this beautiful garden.
The Buchlovice castle park has an area of 18 hectares and the resulting experience of visiting Buchlovice is unforgettable with this picturesque Castle with beautiful interiors with quality management of the property and grounds visible at every corner.

We suggest to allow yourself at least two hours to walk through and around this beautifully kept park.
The picturesque position, structures and gardens will be a pleasure you will enjoy very much.

Buchlov Castle:
Buchlov castle, an important royalty castle is situated on the summit of stony hillsides with a beautiful view onto the Chriby valleys and forests.
The Buchlov castle was built in the 13th century by Protiva from Buchlov.
The oldest part of the castle is a square defence tower with very strong walls, well visible even in an aerial photograph.

Above this was the inhabitable Royal palace which from the other side was also connected to another square tower.

The last extension to the castle was undertaken by Jan Zdansky from Zarstrizl during the renaissance reconstructions between the years 1540 - 1558.

Castle Bucovice:
The castle Bucovice a valuable architectural castle is a showcase of the architectural tastes of Jan Sembery from Boskovic, who commissioned the building to the artist J. Strady, who managed the building project.

The four winged Castle was built between 1575 and 1585 by the Brno builder with Italian origins Pietro Gabri. Visitors to the Bucovice Castle will be surprised by the ornate Ceasars Room and the Bird Hall which are unique throughout the whole of Bohemia and Moravia.

The Cimburk castle ruin originates from the 14th century and in later years rebuilt, reinforced and the last reconstruction was in the 17th Century.
Since then it has been left to time and destiny resulting in the today remaining structure which is now slowly being reconstructed

Kromeriz is a beutiful Unesco Hewritage town in Moravia.
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